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Story tellers night!

*hangs a note on a message board in an Inn that reads*

"Vezrejai is arranging a story tellers night like the one the Numinous held, and everybody interested are invited.
and do not let the title mislead you, songs, poetry and short history lesson are also welcomed.

it will be held in Juno this saturday, and I hope that as many as possible cam come.

So show up to hear and share tales from around the world!

Elmikei of the Vezrejai"

*looks at the note and nods approving*

aye...that should do

*heads of to the next Inn*


non-rp info:

Server: Chaos

Place: Juno, on the entrance brigde. We'll move to the story telling place when everybody have arrived.

Date: Saturday, the 28.th may

21.00 GMT+0.
16.00 eastern
15.00 central
14.00 mountain
13.00 pacific

small note, I would appreciate that people don't bring tales that are too long, I'll leave it at your descretion to consider how long that is. How ever, I might ask that story that takes far too long, are stopped for a break, then resumed again, depending on everybodies timezone. I hope you understand.

Anyway, let me know if you can come, and if there's any question.

Looking forward to see people there
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