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ahem..testing..testing..1...2...3..testing....alright..let's start this *incrase the microphone volume*

Laaaadies and gentlemen, boooys and girls, it is my pleasure to present the voting result for the new rp meeting spot!

with 1 point, Morrc place it self at the bottum....but it appeared! let's give it a big hand of the fight it put up, and with no underhanded trick as some would expect.

neeeeext is Junoooo! city of knowlegde and science, thrice the point of Morroc, the city proved its merit...only distance played against it....but that's no fault of the city...

and now...on third place, with 5 point!
Paaaayon! qualifying for the race in the last moment, it jumped up from obscurity all the way to the top 3! winning over peoples with its nostalig charm and tranquil feeling

aaand on 2.nd place....with 7 point...majestic Prrrooonteraaa! capital of the kingdom of rune-midgard, the largest market on the continent, and a world of sights and splendure, a sure winner if it wasn't for the next city.

with a whooping 13 point..proving that it's not allways bad luck....comes on the first place
IIIIiiizlude! Give it a big hand ladies and gentlemen, with it's little town feeling, the harbour with ships set for adventure, the great arena of rune-midgard hosted, its convinietly placement nearby prontera and cosyness, it was set for greatness!

Now...stay tuned listener, in some days, RM-broadcasting will be presenting you with the great festival to open and celebrate the winning city!
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