Terri (_terri) wrote in ragnarok_rp,

Haddo :D

(( Well i'm new here xD And uh yea. My RP character is my priestess who's around 16-17 years of age, and well, yea.I participate in woe alot and junk so that stuff is all part of my story since I made it like that :D; Shes one of those Happy ditsy girls kinda too, well most of the time xD so yea.

Her story so far mainly revolves around her life in WoE, how she deals with it, her training and things that go on with her friends and uh basic crap like that. When she was young she trained hard to be a priest, got it at an early age, but then decided she didnt deserve to be
a priest, since as a aco since she learned all the wrong magics and degraded herself to be an aco again so she could learn the ones she wanted so she could help her friends at war( my excuse for remake ^^; ). But yea. I wanna find rpers to rp with so some more maybe interesting things can happen to her x.x;

but yea I play on iRO chaos as either Terri'- past priest or Terri`- new priest. both can be played in the same rp since they look the same, just have slightly different skills xD; since Terri' is the one going high priestess and Terri` is gonna be my woe priest once high priest is out;;

But yea, im looking forward to meeting more people ^_^ ))
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