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~Dropping By~

Hello there! My name's Nyx and I'm a rather lazy monk around Midgard....^___~

I like to kick monster's asses though and you will often find me hopping around between Amatsu and Comodo. Though....I'm more often in Comodo, 'cause the north is kinda cold at the moment, don't ya think? ^^
Nyuuu~ and I hate the cold >_<
I'm currently takin' care of a little novice named Shirin...my stupid auntie made me take care of her so that I'd learn "to take more responsibility" nyuu~
Well Shirin is a nice girl after all - a bit quiet at times but nice. We two share a blog actually that you can find by clicking on my nice little picture...ah I like my picture, a friend drew it for me...so happy, nyuu! ^__^

Why did I join this community? Guess I thought it'd be fun to meet other people from all kinds of places! Midgard is big after all, and there are so many people it's almost scary, nyuu T^T

((Dropping by to say hi and get to know other people from iRO -Loki Server ^_^ also very fond of rpg-ing, so if you're interested in a session or two don't hestitate to do so! ^_~))
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