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((RP'ing tools: regarding priest and celibacy))

(( Edit: 30 April: two reason mroe added. Slight rewording of the first within () part, so that it doesn't imply that the main church, or the main branch of the church doesn't allow marriage, is a fact.
(sorry about being late with the update in this journal)

Edit: 25.th april: added a disclaim and addendum regarding talking about real-life religion (it's under suggestions)

Edit, the 24.th april: added another reason.

Disclaim: This entry is real-life religion neutral, any references to a religious concept are not supposed to refer to thier real-life counter part, which means amounth other thing, that the word god, means just that, and is not the same as the name of the jewish/muslim/christian/"insert religion that use "God" as name" god, priest is meant as a catch-all word for any type of person who serve a diety, where ever or not they call them self shaman, seer or cleric in rp and church refers to the one that a player is rp'ing that his character is following.

I think must of us have seen this questions times and times again in varius incarnation
"why can't priest marry?"

And I've found that at times, it's a questions that a priest can have difficulty answering, which is understandable. Not like everybody have an interest or gain in pondering the reason merely for rp purpose.

However, I feel that those who do rp a priest who have sworn an oath of celibacy, probaly have had it explained by the church. Which pretty much put said priest in a dilemma if he can't anwer the question, because the player behind hadn't found a reason. This basicly forces must character to rethink thier belief based on a single question that should allready had been answered by the church, during thier acolytes days. (giving that they are rp'ed as following a church or the branch* of a church that doesn't allow marriage)

So in lack of better, I'll like to present an possible reason.

disclaim: It's by no means THE reasons that have to be used, nor does it neccesarely reflects the reasons a real-life religion will use, it's merely an option to be used, if one wants too and don't want to be bothered by figuring a reason of thier own.

right then.

Reason for not allowing marriage for a priest:

Marriage usually means giving one self completly to one person above others, and to some it means above everything else, ideal, lives and gods amounth other things.
Which essentially works against a priest role as a shepherd, who looks out for everybody, and not just one person.

Also, birth-controll isn't really an option in a medieval society...offcourse, I don't know how much people rp the possibility for birth-control in rune-midgard, since it's more advanced then the real-world counterpart, so that reason might be void for some.

This basicly means that getting pregnant is pretty much guaranteed. This prevent a priestess who'll be giving birth, from doing her duty as efficiently as usual and the new born baby will take alot of both parents time, which again works again the role as guardian of the flock.
(yes, I know it's up to the player if thier character gets pregnant or not, but npcs don't have that option and will get several children...families was big in the old times...also the church probaly ignores the fact that some of thier members are player character).

New reason. Credit to Pastel and Danami for inspiration:
One could say that the words of god (or at the very least the interprintation of the words of god) says that priest may not marry (don't know what the exact wording would be). A priest might not be able to explain, understand or know why, but he can decide to trust and have faith in his god(s), that it's for the best and the truth. In the same way one ultimately can only trust and believe in another persons feeling toward one, and a priest can be said to have chosen to devote themself to his god in a "marriage arrangement".

Reason 3, By Danami and reworded:

A priest could say that his whole life and love is giving to his god and therefor doesn't have room for the dedication a marriage would requre.

Reason for allowing marriage, for a priest:

By Yuuji, qouted: partnership (this kind of partnership meaning they just want to be together.. but they don't ever want to have kids or concieve..just grow old together, though this can also be a form of love since it's not really material like the rest)
additional comment: the priest basicly still stay "pure" if that's an issue and are not having the dedication toward his faith distracted by pregnancy.
(as in taking care of the pregenant wife and the child when it's born, for those who takes "his" literally.
anybody know a gender neutral word that cover both his and hers?)


Anyway, it's an option for those who wants it.

addendum: about refering to real-life religion: I would appreciate that references to real-life religion, are worded in a way that's as in-offensive or in-defensive as possible. exeption would be if it adds to the topic, which is something I'll leave the individual to judge for themself.

and one more thing...I would apprciate if this thread didn't turn into a discussion of where ever or not it's right. save for presenting the view points of why marriage is okay, for those priest who follow a branch of the chuch that allows it and for presenting other reasons that could be used for why marriage isn't allowed. Not for discussion the aye and nay of the different reasons.

Let's save that discussion for the rp, neh?

foot note:
branch: The entry assume that like in real world, must religion actually consist of several different groups.
For example, Christianity got the Catholics, Protestants, Greek orthodox and so on, muslims have amounth other Sunni and Shia as examples, Hare Khrisna can be considered a sub branch of Hinduisme, since Khrisna is a hinduistic god, if memory serve me right. A different way of branching is the same god, different incarnation. which in this world is represented by the Jews, Christians and Muslims actually having the same god.))
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