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The Laws of the Land:

1. Fanart and screencaps are acceptable, but please either put them behind an lj-cut or only post the text link to the pictures.

2. Use your subject line! Both IC and OOC posts are perfectly acceptable, but please denote which are which in the subject line. I've seen people making IC posts in regular communities before, and it makes for some confusion, which I'd like to avoid.

3. Be polite and respectful OOC. Be anything you want IC.
3a. Be mature. This means that you may not slander other people in this community. Slander includes but is not exclusive to: name-calling, bad-mouthing, rude responses, personal attacks. Persons who start flame-wars, ignore the wishes of moderators, and/or use this community as an excuse for slander will lose their posting rights and will probably be reported to some lj drama communities so they can get all the attention they want.

4. This works in conjunction with both #2 and #3 : Understand the difference between OOC and IC and keep the two seperate. If a character tells you IC that you're fat and your mama is ugly, do not go off the handle OOC and engage in a flaming spree. If player3, your buddy's mother's sister's aunt's uncle's friend, once said they didn't like player4, do not carry your grudge IC and force your character to hate/rape/wage war against player4.

5. Post anything and everything related to RP on Midgard, be it IC or OOC. You may advertise for role-playing guilds, discuss the trials and tribulations of RP in-game, or post your character's daily opinions.

6. If anyone is violating these rules, please contact the community mods and let them know. Keep in mind that we all have our own lives and don't be impaitent if you don't get an instant response.


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